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Tigerprint Placement

I have fallen head over heels in love, with the Haberdashery Room.

Row after row of ribbons, 



There are boxes of colour coordinated felts, size ordered envelopes and neatly arranged sewing machines.

When I have run out of words and ideas, or I can't get the printer to work again, I like to take a wonder into the haberdashery room. It's quiet, I have space to think and the shelves are stacked to the ceiling, overflowing with colour. It's almost a comfort blanket of organised trinkets.

And the best bit about this colourful utopia, it's exactly eight steps from my desk.


Who needs to be geek chic!

Well it has certainly been a while, I've not posted because I've been madly designing away and getting my own blog on track with regular posts.  I'm back though and hope to contribute to the YouBlog more frequently from now on.  Anyway today I have a little product showcase:

Now I am a bit of a geek at heart so am bringing you some of my favourite geeky gift finds!  I grew up being a tetris fanatic, collecting hundreds of Pokemon cards and saving Princess Peach over and over and over again.  Anything from Lord of the Rings to Star Wars, the Avengers to Harry Potter!  I suppose you could class it all under supernatural/other worldly.  There are some really witty designs out there that any gaming and film geek would love. 

To start it all off I have these wonderfully bright Tetris soap blocks by Etsy seller ‘Small Things For Sale’ (1).  They also sell rupies from Zelda, Mario party coins and Darleks!  Firebox have some incredibly life like games control soaps too! (2)

There are a lot of rather quirky t-shirts on the market, this ‘To Do’ list t-shirt by Mr Saxon on RedBubble (3) is one of my favourites! I also love the cute illustrations from Retro Gaming Shirts Charmander evolution t-shirt. (4)

Any superhero fans out there, well I have found an amazing art print by Betsy Benn, if you’ve ever wondered what superhero power you would have this print will help you figure it out.  It also includes over 300 heroes organised into categories determined by their powers (5).  Another unique superhero gift for guys is ‘TheLittleBoysRoom’ superhero suit carrier.  Every superhero needs the proper storage for their costume! (6)

Everyone had a dream of what they wanted to be when they were older, mine was a little different, I had my heart set on being a ninja, unusual I know.  So these cute little ninja shuriken magnets by toothpick nations caught my eye straight away! (7)

And lastly every geek needs a notebook on them at all times for important thoughts and doodles, this notebook from Little Red Press is perfect for guys and girls. (8)

Hope you like them, until next time!


Patterned Travel Card Holders on Kickstarter

Hi Everyone!

Today I'm sharing with you a current project of mine, a Kickstarter project! Producing products with my patterns on has always been a dream of mine, and I want to share this passion with the world, so I launched a Kickstarter project! By supporting this project you are helping me achieve one of my life long dreams, to design, produce and sell patterned travel card holders and more importantly make your everyday commute, travel and errands more interesting!

The idea is simple, back my project by giving a few pounds and you will be rewarded with gorgeous patterned travel card holders!

 The Travel Card Holders will be printed plastic wallets featuring 6 of my original designs and with 2 clear plastic pockets inside they are perfect for storing your Oyster Card, Railcard, train and bus tickets and more! The holders are also great card wallets, they can store Credit Cards, Rewards Cards, Student ID, Driving License Cards and much much more!

Brighten your commute with one of these lovely patterned holders or why not grab one for a friend or family member, they make great gifts!

Pop over to my Kickstarter page to find out more! If you would like to find out more about me and my designs you can visit my websiteblogtwitter orFacebook. You can also buy my products from my Etsy store.

If you haven't heard of Kickstarter before it is a crowd-funding site that allows you to list a project, a goal, and rewards for backers who pledge money to back your project. Money is only taken from the backers if the project is successful (reaches it's goal) and then the backers receive their rewards in return for helping fund the project.

If there's a project you've always wanted to do but just don't have the funding, why not create a Kickstarter, See if you can achieve your dreams too!


Saying hola to all of youbloggers!

Hola!!  I am delighted to be here introducing my self for first time at the fabulous youblog!

I'm Rosie Martinez-Dekker  a Mexican designer living in The Netherlands, for almost five years now. I graduated in Mexico BA (Hons) as graphic and textile designer. I worked several years in textile design and then moved to the business side of textiles and fashion.

All rights reserved ©2013 Believe creative studio

In 2011 I returned to do what I love to do the most: creating & designing! Finally a dream came true and in complicity with my adorable husband, we founded : Believe Creative Studio, a design studio focused in patterns, prints & illustration for babies, kids & teens products.

All rights reserved ©2013 Believe creative studio

We decided to name the studio Believe because we believe that everything is possible once you decide to do it.

This 2 years have been amazing!, starting a life adventure of course is a big challenge sometimes scary, sometimes fun, sometimes busy, but when you really do what you love the most everything at the end goes well.

I wanted to share with you all that I just recently launched the Believe creative studio 2013 Lookbook, which in otherwords is a showcase of my style and handwritting.

All rights reserved ©2013 Believe creative studio

The lookbook is organized by collections, you will find lovely and fun print and patterns. I love the feeling of flipping pages  and I hope you do too. After putting the Believe creative studio 2013 lookbook together I realize is a good practice for designers and creatives and  is a very easy and approchable way to display your work, and to show off your talent & awesome art!


x Rosie

 All rights reserved ©2013 Believe creative studio





Lots happening with Dreaming on a Star!

Hi everyone. Hope everyone is well on this sleepy Sunday. I'd just like to update everyone on what Dreaming on a Star has been up to.

As you may have noticed, I've updated my logo. I wanted it to reflect more my cute style. My inspiration was an ice-cream palette of raspberry, mint and banana! I hope you can taste and smell all those lovely colours.

Here is my inspiration board for my recolouring:


I've also started a weekly feature on my blog called Animal Love Day where I showcase lots of cute animal patterns and illustrations (and the occasional toy) and come up with an animal design of my own. I pick a different animal each week and create an illustration/pattern of it and then showcase some fabulous animal designs by great designers.

So far I've showcased Monkeys, Dinosaurs and Bunnies.


I have some exciting news about Dreaming on a Star that will be revealed this month. I can't wait to share the happy news. But I would like to mention a fabulous group that I am a proud member of - The Little White Book of Surface Pattern Designers. Check them out. It's a relatively new website but it's already making waves in the world of Surface Pattern Design!

Apart from all that, I am busy making lots of cute stuff for the relaunch of my Etsy shop later on this month. So lots to do yet!

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

(Inspiration board - Images copyrighted from the following sources - Ice creamRaspberriesMint ice cream,Green jacketClothes)


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