What We Do


New Business

New Business is made up of 7 areas, which are all different but complement one another. Drive and determination are key factors to success and a week is a long time in this fast paced area of the business.


As M&S develops new sales channels and supporting technology, Tigerprint is looking for new and exciting ways for M&S customers to interact with and buy our products. ‘Multichannel’ means that customers are able to shop with M&S in a number of different ways, including online, in-store and from their mobiles.

International Franchise Group (IFG)

Having secured business connections in France, Czech Republic, Holland and UAE. The IFG team has had great success delivering products into new regions of growth. It’s more than just about delivering goods: it’s about being supportive and offering professional guidance. With new territories such as India and China in development, this area of the business is crucial for Tigerprint’s growth. Our aim is to “Offer unique card and wrap solutions with the quality, innovation and values you would expect from Your M&S at home or abroad”.


From starting out with just a few products in Outlet stores, we now have FSV+ status. We deliver a wide range of products to Outlet, which are taken from M&S main chain and sold in Outlet stores across the UK at discounted prices. We deliver Christmas, Mother’s Day, a consistent Everyday range and much more so we’re never ‘out of season’. Outlet is a thriving part of Tigerprint and has been growing consistently year on year.


As an FSV+, we are integrated into M&S as one of their departments, and constantly work to improve the customer experience and the product range online. The eCommerce team specialise in marketing, trading and customer experience.

M&S Personalised

Delivering emotions from our digital platform is a key part of future growth and development.

M&S Personalised currently offers customer over 3,000 personalised cards, postcards and invitations. The eCommerce team run the end-to-end management of the Marks and Spencer Personalised website.

Gift Cards

Since winning the business in 2010, this team has gone from strength to strength, and secured FSV+ status. From innovative ideas to in-store merchandising, the gift card team has taken this area of business and established M&S as market leaders.


Following on from the success of Emily Button (launched in 2011), Tigerprint have developed a whole host of new characters and brands that are exclusive to M&S. Working closely with the team at M&S head office, the brands team are responsible for developing product, working with different buying units and thinking about retail and multichannel solutions in order to grow the properties.


Technical & Operations

The technical and operations team work in 4 sub teams, each playing an important role in Tigerprint’s success.


The planners in this team work to keep us on track. They’re like time keepers: planning and forecasting the demands of the business. They work with colleagues from across the business to make sure we stick to CDPs, as well as making sure products are shipped and are ready for M&S at the right time.

Supply Chain

This is a team of expeditors who, from placement of POs onwards, make sure that stock is delivered on time for launches during the year. They work with colleagues in the UK and overseas, suppliers and freight forwarders.


Technologists work with the NPD and design teams to make sure products are developed and manufactured to correct standards for quality, safety and ethics. They work closely with suppliers and investigate new and innovative products, materials and techniques.

Our quality engineer keeps us on track so we can continue to hold ISO9001 certification. They manage internal and external audits, make sure documentation is up to date and cover off any ‘non-conformances’ from audits.


New Product Development

The new product development (NPD) team works in partnership with other teams across the business to create and deliver new product ranges.

NPD Management

The NPD manager works to develop and deliver new product ranges for M&S. There are a number of NPD managers, with each one taking responsibility for a different product range – including Christmas cards, Halloween, Mother’s Day gifting and many more.



The retail team make sure every range meets consumer needs in all stores. They work closely with their NPD colleagues, as well as other people from across the business, to ensure the right product is in the right place at the right time, at the right price.

There are a number of different job roles within the retail team, with some people based in the office and others in the field.

Retail Product Manager

The retail product managers drive consumer conversion and satisfaction. They are responsible for creating range strategies for product development and evaluating competitor products and prices.

Consumer Insight Manager

A consumer insight manager collects and shares knowledge about our consumers, markets and trends. They use the information that they have collected to support category strategies and identify gaps in the market.

Brand Manager

A brand manager works with M&S marketing to make sure our products are included in promotions, publicity and publications.




The retail merchandising team, along with the product teams, drives the M&S sales.

This includes influencing decisions including how big the budget should be, how much of each individual product we need to buy and how many stores should receive the range.

The team members are highly numerate and have great influencing skills, as they are the key drivers of decision making at all levels. This experienced team has been created from a combination of retail and supplier backgrounds, which allows the provision of expert knowledge on trends and sales patterns combined with a key source of knowledge for the product teams and stores.