A little bit about us and how we work: Tigerprint are an exciting, diverse and multi-disciplinary company with a fun and hardworking atmosphere. Our motto “work is play and play is work” sums up how we feel about Tigerprint.

We are always striving to push standards, that’s why we only pick the best people for placements!

We enjoy our work (being creative is fun!) and because we enjoy it, it brings out the best qualities in us and our work.

On your placement, we know you’ll enjoy it and have a great time. There’s nothing to worry about, you will be made to feel part of the team.

Our Designers come from a variety of backgrounds, we are Illustrators, Animators, Editorial writers, Comedians, Motion Designers, Textile Designers, 3D Designers, Graphics designers, Web Developers, Packaging designers, Paper Engineers, Photographers, Musicians, Model Makers, & Fine Artists.

All of these diverse skills are combined to create fantastic products designed by amazing people.

Our Studio is a bright and roomy space with plenty going on. One minute you could be taking part in a typography workshop, the next you could be working to a tight deadline for the Christmas ranges.

Trust us, there is never a dull moment!


Placement Duration


A placement generally lasts for 2 weeks, however for some of our award-winners it will be a month.

Typically, on placement people will be set a brief based on the skills and strengths of their portfolio or directly from a winning collection/student project.

While on placement the work is reviewed regularly and the student encouraged to develop their work commercially whilst still retaining their identity.



Past Placements


There's quite a few of us here who started out on placement at Tigerprint, leading to the wonderful jobs we have now. Take a look below on how it all began for them, where they studied, the things they got up to and their words of wisdom if you are going joining us or other agencies on a future placement.



Senior Illustrator


2 weeks - A long time ago...

Freelanced at Tigerprint:
5 months

Employed Since:

Printed Textiles, Loughborough

“The thing I enjoy the most about coming to work is the people and being able to draw and paint every day.

I’ve worked in various roles at Tigerprint, including Designer, Assistant Design Manager, Design Manager, Studio Manager and my current role. It’s good to work in the different categories to understand the product and the design process from concept to production. I enjoyed being a Studio Manager and helping designers to develop and grow.

My words of wisdom to anyone coming on a placement is to mix with the TP people. Keep your eyes open to see what exciting design happens in the studio. If you don’t know - don’t be afraid to ask. Enjoy it!”



Freelance Animator/Motion Graphics.


2 weeks in Sept 2011

Freelanced at Tigerprint:
October 2011 to 2015

Motion Graphics & Animation at Northumbria University

“I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to work for a major company like Tigerprint alongside talented, likeminded individuals whose enthusiasm is tangible. Compared to working in a bar it’s brilliant!

I can definitely recommend working at Tigerprint because of the friendly atmosphere and encouragement from my colleagues.

My advice to anyone coming on a placement would be enjoy, be yourself and become part of the team.”



Licensing Designer


3 weeks 2006

Employed Since:
March 2011

Graphic Design, Nottingham Trent

“The thing I enjoy the most about working at Tigerprint is working with so many talented people.

Tigerprint is different to anywhere I’ve worked. There is so much variety in the work I do and there is a culture of making anything possible.

My words of wisdom to anyone coming on a placement is to have an open mind and learn from everything.”