March Haiku

Information age,

Where everyone spews content

A gush of Fake News™

- Chris Taylor


Silver skies shimmer

Winter colours blend to spring 

We dream of the sun  

- Sarah Kennedy


What to get for Mum…

Something nice from M&S?

Of course, it’s a card 

- Sarah Kennedy


A spring sun arrives

Fighting the winter demon

The light will prevail 

- Adam Yare


The sun shows its face

as the days become longer,

and smiles are wider

- Paige Carr


Terror will not win,

for love will always triumph.

Thinking of London.

- Paige Carr


Hazy, soft pink sky,

I think dusk must be magic,

a different world.

- Angela Stone


Visitors flew north

to fill the new sky with song.

I arrived with them.

- Angela Stone