Design Event

Design Event is an annual event based in the North East to showcase the design and creativity that is produced in the area. 

I have visited the festival several times over the last 5 years and each year the team pulls together an amazing itinerary of events. One of the focuses on this years festival was definitely 3D printing / hack-space, a trend that is popping up everywhere.  

I was short on time so I decided to focus my visit on the Globe Gallery, this seemed to be the mothership of the event with 5/6 exhibitions filling the space. Each year the Design Event team pick interesting and unusual events around the city which also showcases the heritage and architecture of the North Easts spaces.  

From the ground floor, we started viewing Matt Pyke's The Transfiguration animation, a constantly moving character takes on different textures from fire to fur, with each texture the figure responds differently as if adjusting itself to its new costume.  

A round the corner we came a cross the Design Event Illustrate exhibition, a collection of work by the North's leading illustrators, including Nicholas Saunders (see above), Andy Singleton, Drew Milward, Jay Cover, Kristyna Baczynski, Matthew the Horse, Monsieur Cabinet, Sara Ogilvie, Paul X Johnson and Switchopen. The pieces were all available to buy, and a reasonably low prices too. 

Moving upstairs we came to A Deadgood Installation and Design Mart, another selling exhibition showcasing established brands like Deadgood alongside newcomers like graduate Josie Morris. The product range covered pieces such as furniture, prints, jewellery and vessels.  Other people who exhibited include;  Claire Baker, Daniel Schofield, Jessica Hogarth, Fay Jenkinson, Laura McKay, Leah Xandora, Miles Dexter, Nick James, Psalt Design, RASKL, Tom Midgley, Will Ives Keeler, Alex Robins, Wonder Stuff Studio, AFID Design, Anne Laycock, Jamie Josef Fry, India Rose Bird, Jade Crompton, David Oxley, Natalie Ratcliffe, Bori Kovacs, Turner and Harper and David Irwin.  

Moving to the top floor of the gallery, we came across the Plan Chest gallery, which had been taken over by Tangletree Interiors. The room was filled with retro furniture, bold wallpapers and statement pieces. It felt like you had stepped back in time to experience classic design throughout the last 60 years.