May Haiku

Open the next door

Change gift-wrapped in fresh, white paint

New home for old things

- Sarah Kennedy


Have a big clear out…

Don’t keep things you don’t need…

Oh no, where’s it gone?

- Sarah Kennedy


I can’t write haikus,

never have any ideas.

Wait, I just did one!

- Andrew Dewhirst


I had to google

What is it makes a haiku?

My memory failed (me)

- Caroline Cattrell


Summer skies and sun

Sad goodbyes and era’s end

Bright new beginnings

- Fiona Mullins


Manchester haiku.

Remembering those involved.

The bees keep buzzing.

- Paige Carr

April Haiku

Months fly by so fast

Never enough time for a

Meaningful haiku!

- Chris Taylor


Oh Boris Johnson

Tittle tattle name caller

Eton bully boy

- Chris Taylor


The cherry blossoms,

and their floating pink petals

form a waterfall

- Angela Stone


Waiting for the rain,

flowers sunbathe in neat rows.

What April showers?

- Paige Carr