Seven Stories, Newcastle

Seven Stories is the National home of Children's Books. There is no other place like it in the UK. It celebrates children's books, their creators and their readers. Chris Taylor and I visited here last week, and enjoyed the vast selection of original artwork and manuscripts - from first scribbles to finished books. The World Book Day doodles exhibition is great, as is the current 'Bears!' collection. It's not everyday you can sit next to a Quentin Blake original, or buy a signed copy of David Litchfield's The Bear and The Piano! Well worth a visit. (Entrance is £7.70 for adults, £2.50 for children).


February Haiku

Almost caught a glimpse

The stars that dance beyond cloud

I'll wait for the show

I’ll watch them from here

The stars that dance beyond cloud

One day I’ll catch one

- Neil Clark


Not enough fart jokes

Considering he’s a Trump

And so full of sh*t

- Neil Clark


Skylarks sang today

With downpours of melody

Winter in retreat

- Chris Taylor


February sun

shines on sugar frosted ground.

First promise of spring

- Paige Carr